Water Supplies for Festivals and Events

festivals and events water supplyEvents and festivals are now an established part of the British summer. Rock concerts, folk festivals, classical recitals, they are not only here to stay, but are a growing trend. As the leading temporary water supply company in the country we supply water to many different types of events.

As this industry grows, the availability of clean wholesome drinking water becomes ever more critical and organisers are increasingly aware of their obligations in this regard.  A new British Standard (BS8551) has recently been introduced directed specifically at the quality of drinking water supplied as an alternative to, or in the absence of, the piped supply.

Safe drinking water needs to be available to the public as defined within the Water Safety Regulations (HSG195) which state that;

  • Where possible drinking water should be provided from a mains supply, but where this is not available, an alternative quality assured water supply should be used
  • All water dispensing equipment should be cleaned and maintained
  • A sufficient number of drinking water points should be made available
  • Drinking water should be within easy access of catering facilities
  • Water points should be clearly marked and unobstructed

Water Direct has the expertise and dedicated drinking water equipment, comprising of water tanks, water tankers, water pumps, and water distribution points which when combined with our on site plumbing facility ensures a complete quality assured service to any event.

On many occasions, event sites have a mains water supply which is not adequate enough to provide the volume of water required for the period of the festival. In these situations we are able to supply large volume water tanks which act as temporary reservoirs, which then feed the site infrastructure, supplementing the piped supply.

Water Direct welcomes and embraces the new BS8551:2011. This new standard raises the bar for ensuring the highest standards of quality in temporary water supplies to Festivals and Events. Water Direct established such high quality standards over a decade ago and has always provided quality assured water and infrastructure systems for temporary water supply requirements anywhere and at any time that a piped water supply is unavailable, unusable or just inadequate.

We provide you with the assurance that your temporary water supply installation will comply with all relevant standards.

For further information please see our BS8551:2011 Standards page or visit the BSI website at www.bsigroup.com

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