Supporting 'The Big Thaw 2018'

Posted on 9 March

There has been a great deal of media coverage this week regarding the unprecedented scale of interruptions to water supplies across the country, caused by the recent freezing weather and subsequent rapid thaw. In the aftermath of the ‘Beast from the East’ and Storm Emma, the snow and ice has thawed at a much faster rate than expected, causing a significant number of water pipes to burst due to expansion and contraction.

This lead to many thousands of homes and businesses being without water or affected by reduced pressure during the course of the past week. As a result, the water companies have been working tirelessly around the clock to repair the network and Water Direct has been called upon by almost all of its contracted customers simultaneously across the country to provide emergency alternative supplies.

We’ve provided significant volumes of bottled water via designated water collection points, mobilised drinking water tankers to pump directly into the mains and reservoirs to help restore supply, arranged doorstep deliveries to vulnerable customers, delivered vital water for people with medical requirements such as dialysis, and pressurised mains so that leaks can be found and repaired.

We’re proud to have played a part in reducing the impact on household water customers and keeping businesses running. We rely on a number of trusted haulage partners across the country to deliver a reliable, scalable and critical nationwide service.

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This inforgraphic illustrates the scale of response required of Water Direct this week!