Bottled water quality

Legislation controlling bottled water quality parameters is very similar to that of the water supply regulations. However, the principle difference between the two bodies of legislation is the point at which quality compliance must be proven. The Water supply regulations stipulate quality compliance must be demonstrable at the point of consumption, not point of bottling.

Water Direct maintains a unique extensive and comprehensive database of quality information for all the sources used in production of the Courtesy label and H2GO label stock supplied. Should any query be raised, full testing information can be supplied to back-up and assure the water quality. Data is available to demonstrate quality conformity at the point of compliance.

Testing at production is largely standardised across the industry with the following tests carried out within 12 hours on samples of bottles taken from the production line; Total Viable Count carried out at 22 ºC and 37 ºC (enumeration of background levels of benign bacteria which exist in treated water), E. coli and coliforms.

Source water and further testing at production is carried out daily, with a full suite of testing carried out on the source water on at least an annual basis to ensure it conforms to the standards laid out for the required accreditation, ie natural mineral water, spring water or drinking water.

Whenever bottled water is supplied as an alternative to the usual piped supply the Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations apply, as regulated by the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI). Water Direct is the only company that can demonstrate conformity to these standards through its unique monitoring, control and assurance systems.

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