Festivals and event water

water supplies for festivals and events

Festivals and events are a recurring feature of the British summer and as the leading temporary water supply company in the country, Water Direct services many different types of events.

Organisers are increasingly aware of their obligations and the necessity to provide wholesome drinking water, with the British Standard (BS8551:2015) recently revised specifically to provide improved guidance, including stating that:

  •   Where possible drinking water should be provided from a mains supply, but where this is not available, an alternative quality assured water supply should be used
  •   All water dispensing equipment should be cleaned and maintained
  •   A sufficient number of drinking water points should be made available
  •   Drinking water should be within easy access of catering facilities
  •   Water points should be clearly marked and unobstructed

Water Direct has the experience, expertise and dedicated drinking water equipment to ensure privison of a complete quality assured service to any event that is complient to current standards which were embraced by us over a decade ago.


Water supply services for festivals & outdoor events

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