What makes us stand out?

We supply only ‘Quality Assured, Wholesome Drinking Water’; what does this actually mean and why is it important?

‘Quality Assured’ means that the water has been maintained to the desired level by means of sampling and recording at every stage of the process of collection, storage and delivery.

Our vessels have only ever been used for drinking water and we use only drinking-water-approved equipment and fittings; each vessel employed is uniquely identifiable, and a maintenance, movement, fill and discharge record is available for each.

‘Wholesome Drinking water’ means water that is suitable for human consumption as defined in law, by specific parameters for a wide range of substances including micro-organisms, chemicals (such as nitrate and pesticides), metals (such as lead and copper), and the way water looks and tastes.

The standards are set to be protective of public health and also reflects the importance of ensuring that water quality is acceptable to consumers.

This is important because when you’re providing a water supply for public consumption, staff, contractors, visitors or for discharge into the environment, you are accountable for the quality of the water provided. Simply hiring a bowser and sourcing an untested local supply could lead to health problems, additional cost and damage to reputation. 

As the UK’s leading specialist in the transport, storage and distribution of drinking water, Water Direct can give you peace of mind that the water you are supplying is quality assured and fully compliant


“I don’t need drinking water; just tap water will do...”

The UK water infrastructure is among the very best in the world, with mains drinking water quality maintained to an exceptionally high level and carefully monitored by the utility companies to the exhaustive ‘Wholesome Drinking Water’ standards set out by the governing body DEFRA. This ensures an extremely reliable, high quality supply as standard.

When we are drinking ‘just’ tap water we are consuming drinking water of the highest standard and most of the time we can be certain of a safe, clean and refreshing supply.

The water supplied by Water Direct is quality assured to the same high standards.

For further information on our range of water supply services please call our team on 0345 345 1725, email enquiries@water-direct.co.uk or request a quote online