Water utilities

emergency water supplies for water utilities

Many of the UK's largest water utilities rely on Water Direct in the event of a mains supply loss or contamination in the water in their area. With our various emergency water supply solutions, we have assisted in many incidents across the UK, maintaining a clean, drinking water supply until the mains has been reinstated.

As we continue to grow as a business more and more untitlities are encorporating our services into their emergency continuity plans or consider us the main component of their contingency plan for unexpetced or planned mains interruptions. Covering the whole of the UK we can provide bulk bottled water ready to be distributed, fill resevoirs or provide temporary water storage tanks which we then fill with wholesome drinking water. Our fleet of drinking water tankers are also able to pump straight into the network, acting as a surrogate mains with numerous tankers moving in rotation and providing a continous supply.

Water loss and contamination incidents are a common occurrence in the UK but with our fast response times and dedicated drinking water vessels we can assure a fully compliant and clean supply of drinking water for your customers.

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For further information on our range of water supply services please call our team on 0345 345 1725, email enquiries@water-direct.co.uk or request a quote online