Water supply continuity and contingency planning

water supply continuity and contingency planning

What would be the impact on your business of an interruption to the usual water supply? Would you face closure, damage to your reputation or a financial penalty?

To some degree, all businesses rely on a water supply whether it is a critical factor for manufacturing or simply for the welfare of your staff. Have you however considered what actions you would take should your usual mains water supply be interrupted or compromised? 

Regular and wholesome water supply is critical to productivity and welfare, yet it is largely taken for granted. There may be an interruption for a number of reasons including scheduled repair, flood, burst pipe or contamination and this could lead to loss of revenue, customer dissatisfaction or even periods of closure.

We have created "Water Tight", a tailored service designed to identify an organisation's reliance on continuity of a water supply, assess current resilience and make firm plans to mitigate problems in the future. Commencing with a site assessment and creation of a written contingency plan, Water Direct will work with you to ensure continuity of supply to single or multiple sites across the UK.

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Our continuity service features

  •  Tiered pricing and fixed price options
  •  Subscription service available
  •  Water retailers added value service / utilities support / facilities management
  •  Access to support 24/7/365
  •  Defined contingency/disaster recovery plan
  •  Agreed response times: assured or best endeavours
  •  Documented contingency plan for inclusion in Business Continuity Plan

Benefits for your business

  •  Ensure continuity of water supply in emergency
  •  Understand cost implications in advance
  •  Minimise impact on continuity (financial / reputational / contractual / productivity / profitability)

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