Emergency water supply

Please call 0345 345 1725 if you need a quality assured alternative water supply in an emergency.

At Water Direct we pride ourselves on our rapid response times to emergency call outs. Whether we are assisting a utility company as part of their contingency plan or if you are a new customer whose supply has unexpectedly been interrupted, we will strive to find the best suitable solution and have it delivered to you in the shortest time possible.

Our numerous national storage locations for emergency bottled water, mean that we can deploy pallets quickly across the UK. Our fleet of emergency tankers are also on hand to make deliveries to storage tanks already on site or to act as surrogate mains in rotation with each other to keep a continuous flow until the usual supply has been reinstated.

Where storage tanks are not already on site, we can deploy from our range of 10,000, 1,800 and 1,100 litre static water storage tanks to act as a temporary supply.

  Watch our Youtube video to learn more about our Emergency Water Supply services

Emergency bottled water

emergency bottled water supplies

Prompt and reliable emergency bottled water deployed across the UK.

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Emergency tankering

emergency water tankers

Our fleet of dedicated drinking water tankers delivers bulk drinking water nationwide.

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Supply continuity planning

water supply continuity planning

Identify reliance upon continuity of water supply, assess resilience and plan for the future.

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Nationwide bottled water bank

nationwide emergency bottled water bank

Quality assured stock of approximately one million litres of bottled drinking water for emergency use

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