Emergency bottled water

emergency bottled-water

Bottled water is the fastest way to respond to any water loss incident. Stocked nationwide, our emergency bottled water is supplied by the pallet in 2 litre, 500ml and 330ml bottles, ensuring a rapid response to most areas of the UK.

Our fleet includes HIABs, tail lifts and mounted moffets to offload, allowing for easy deployment to site. Where large quantities are required we can deliver up to 26 pallets on each of our larger vehicles, providing deliveries to multiple sites or even a doorstep delivery service.

Bottled water is generally the first part of any contingency plan where providing water quickly for people’s welfare is concerned. Pallets can easily be broken down into cases and transferred around a building to kitchen areas, the working environment and even to toilet facilities if necessary, where two or three bottles can be used to flush a toilet or wash hands.

If you're looking to provide an assured bottled water response as part of your business continuity plan you should consider talking to us about our water supply continuity and disaster recovery planning services which coincides with our nationwide bottled water bank.

All of our bottled water complies with Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations.


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